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I am not a trained fine artist. I do not claim to be skilled or talented in any technical or theoretical aspect of fine art. Film school may have disciplined me in the creative process but I know very little about color theory.  Yet, I do believe my mind is geared towards making sense of the world visually.  Reflecting on my portfolio as a whole, I believe I'm trying to create images reflective of whats happening inside of me and how that relates to what's happening inside of you and the greater universe. Essentially, I think I'm trying to dissolve any differences and distractions between us, creating imagery that surpasses language and cuts to some form of truth we can see together. I guess I'm trying to feel not so alone. 

Creating art is also the best and most cost effective form of therapy I have found. Whenever working on a piece based on some form of angst or psychological drive, I always feel more clarity and self-acceptance upon completion.
The darker and more disturbing the subject matter, the bigger the smile on my face is when I'm finished. Dark humor may be the greatest form of psychological medicine I have found. 

Since I was 20 I have paid my bills primarily as a special education teacher. There have been many highs and lows but overall, it has been a gratifying profession and fulfilled my need to be creatively challenged on a daily basis. Working as a special education teacher during the pandemic was stressful on a level I had never experienced before. There were many dark days. Today, I continue to work with neuro-diverse kids and their families but as a private practice learning specialist. 


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