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A Better Place

Sam is a good monk but he has a problem….his little, bald head is always cold and the forest he lives in is always gray. He wants nothing more than a warm head of bright, colorful hair. But he finds out, he’s not the only one. A Better Place is about the power of compassion, karma and putting others before yourself.

The Spooky Dark Hole

I created this storybook for two reasons. First, I had never heard of a toddlers horror book before and it sounded like a fun thing to try to make. Second, as I was making it, I realized I was coming to terms with how to manage technology and parenthood. The world is so different than when I was a kid. Screens are more common than the sky. I can't help but think it has to be doing something corrosive to our collective and intimate relationships. Give hugs. 

King of the Castle

King of the Castle is a tribute to single mothers and latchkey kids everywhere. I, myself grew up as a latchkey kid and my mother had a heart of gold. Much of the time I behaved liked a little brat and rarely realized how much she sacrificed. 

Mr. Ferguson's Greeting Cards

I started Mr. Fergusons's Greeting Cards as a hobby back in 2008. It is still one of the most gratifying projects of my life. In three years it grew into over 115 designs that could be found in many boutiques and bookshops up and down the west coast. Unfortunately, I found running a greeting card business to be a pain in the butt. Too much inventory and too much packaging for very thin profits. I continue to sell cards online and shops around my current hometown. 

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